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  1. Country Lad

    tech/a's Very Old Exploration

    I was doing a bit of house cleaning in the computer getting rid of some very old share trading stuff when I came across one of tech/a's early exploration posted on a forum in Àugust 2000. I decided to run it for fun and some of the ones that came up were: ANO, Z1P, VTG, MGX, 5GN, BTH, AV1...
  2. tech/a

    Tech/a on Technical Analysis

    Over 25 yrs I've studied a lot of what is available in the technical analysis field. I've also worked for 2 yrs with people who are amazing with Data analysis and coding on a level well beyond the capabilities of 99.95% of us. AI is the future for those who can access it. Does this mean we are...
  3. tech/a

    Tech/a's (Daffy's) Last Post

    Firstly thanks to all those I've interacted with over the years. I've enjoyed every Discussion/Altercation/Opinion. A great diversity of people and talents. After 15000 posts I wanted to at least leave something. Why go? I don't have the need to post --- to share -- its gone. Its taken a...
  4. tech/a

    Daffy Trades Micro Patterns under $1

    Something I've done for years. I enjoy it and best of all I do well out of it. Haven't done much lately so thought Id crank it up. Petes done such a great job with the continuation of PAV's thread with his own twist and generated some good interest. Inspired me If there is enough...
  5. CanOz

    Tech/a vs. CanOz - Futures Trading Competition

    Tech and I have agreed to have a competition involving trading. Here's what we're looking at for a draft of the rules: -Trade whatever you want, whatever time frame you want as long as its spelled out ahead of time. -Risk per trade should be 2% or less. -25k max. trading capital...
  6. tech/a

    Technical Trading Exercise (Pavilion103 and tech/a) Charts and Spreadsheets

    Ive noticed that over the years most who want to profit from Trading or Investing in Stocks dont actually know how to apply the vast number of analysis options available to them into a profitable trading Plan / Method. Endless theories/ideas/hypothesis and constant changing from one idea...
  7. tech/a

    And it's Goodbye from him

    After 12000 odd posts its time to call it a day here. Everything I think Ive needed to say---is here. Had some great discussions and some terrific banters with you all here. All good people young and old. All with one aim to try and improve the quality of our lives and our families...
  8. bullmarket

    Bullmarket vs. tech/a (Re: CTO trade)

    hi tech/a :) hmmmmmmmm....just had a look at CTO course of sales on Commsec's protrader and there were no trades at all at 38c between 11:07 - 11:12. There was one trade at 38.5c for 12000 shares at 11:10:42's now ~4:11pm so it's hardly real time anyway. good luck with...
  9. TjamesX

    Tech/a Techtrader - my questions

    I have some questions I would like to ask Tech/A regarding the Techtrader system, and rather than just PM'ing him I thought it may be worthwhile (if he is kind enough) to provide some answers for all to see. I have read numerous threads about the techtrader system and no doubt there has been...