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  1. S

    Hedge fund industry in Australia and taxation

    I would like to ask how hedge fund industry works in Australia ? I asked 2 diffrent tax advisor and they told me that in AU you need to pay: 30% tax as a company/trust 30-49% as a manager of fund 30-49% as a investor who have units How is that possible that hedge funds in AU have more...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Retrospective Taxation by Coalition forces GG to Catch a Virgin

    The disgraceful retrospective taxation of those holding more than $1.6m in Pension phase in a SMSF has forced me to leave my eyrie at the Ross River Hotel in search of attractive "punts". I prefer to lose on a gut feeling rather than give to the government to waste on even more crazy projects...
  3. M

    Tax, dividends and investing

    hi, im fairly new to this. i currently have 1k transfering to my commsec account. ive been interested in the share market for quite some time, for the last 6-8 months ive been doing on and off research on the companies im planning to invest in. i turned 18 last week, so now im able to investing...