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  1. W

    How to lodge tax returns for share trading as a business in a Partnership?

    Hi, We formalised our "Partnership" and created a ABN, TFN and a business name. We did not opt for the 'incorporation' structure. Untill now, we have been actively trading using a joint account (with Interactive Brokers) and the joint account is linked to our personal TFNs. Interactive...
  2. P

    Tax Return and ASX listed fund (AYF) distribution help/advice

    Doing my Daughters tax return and she has the ASX Listed Hybrid fund AYF, they sent the annual statement with details were to enter the relevant information (at labels 11J, 12K, 12L, 12M, 140, 54B, 54U, 54D) but I cant for the life of me find these anywere in either Etax or if I download the...
  3. D

    CFD recording on tax return

    Hi - new to this site. I usually do my own tax and wonder how I record my CFD activity for the financial year - I know it is not in the usual shares area so not sure where I should put it? :confused:
  4. P

    IB - which report to use for FY 14 tax return?

    Hi guys, I'm new to IB & stock investment. Just wondering which report do IB users use for individual tax reporting purpose? I tried account management - reports - tax - tax forms which give me no information at all. Should I just use the activity report for the FY 13 - 14 date range & pick...
  5. qldfrog

    Tax return 2012 for share trader

    Dear all, I am having nightmare filling e-tax this year for the first time, for the income/loss related to "share trading as a business" (I pass the criteria hundreds of buys/sells, trading system in place, managed daily, etc) Last year I entered the values under I24-V other incomes but I...