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  1. S

    Using line of credit to invest in shares: tax question

    I'm looking at using leveraging for investment. I've decided that I will take out a line of credit as a separate loan against my home, the idea is to put the money into my current portfolio of ETFS and LICS. Currently my dividends are completely reinvested through DRIP. Option one: Keep...
  2. john5

    Tax question re: foreign income

    hi all, just a question on a specific type of foreign income, i own a few domain names, and have them "parked" on a us-based parking platform, the platform collects parking revenue for me, in usd, and generates reports which enable me to see what im earning, even daily ... sometimes it's only...
  3. B

    Tax Question: Stock options expire worthless, capital loss or income loss?

    Are options that expire worthless a capital loss or income loss? Say you buy some stock options & they expire worthless the same financial year that it was bought, will this be a capital loss or income loss? Eg. I buy GLNO & they expire worthless a few months later.
  4. B

    Tax Question: Trading the US market

    If you are trading the US market, how do you calculate the buy & sell price converted to AUD for tax? Do you just use an exchange rate from for the buy/sell date? If so, take this scenario: Day 1 - buy stock ABC @ $20 with $1 AUD = $0.50 USD Day 2 - sell stock ABC @ $20 with $1 AUD =...
  5. F

    Tax Question: CGT discount and CFDs/Stocks

    Curious on the tax implications of the following - If I have traded a few shares in the past year (to reduce my losses on most of them)... as well as held a few other shares, do I still get the CGT discount on the shares I have held for >1year? Further to this, I have also been trading...
  6. A

    Tax question on Telecom NZ (TEL) dividends

    can any one give me an idea on where and what to enter in etax the details for my wifes dividends for telecom NZ shares. would be a shame to have to see a tax agent or accountant just for 1 share holding. she has a reasonable portfolio of shares most of which i have no trouble with come tax...
  7. M

    Tax, dividends and investing

    hi, im fairly new to this. i currently have 1k transfering to my commsec account. ive been interested in the share market for quite some time, for the last 6-8 months ive been doing on and off research on the companies im planning to invest in. i turned 18 last week, so now im able to investing...