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  1. S

    Ganfeng Lithium Takeover?

    Hello, I recently placed a request for information regarding the SpaceX float. The next day I was contacted by a representative from Julius Cohen Securities saying it was on hold. They went on to say they had an opportunity I may be interested in regarding a different venture and sent me some...
  2. A

    Takeover bid

    I don't quite understand what happens if a stock you own is under a takeover bid. For instance, SAI is supposed to be under a takeover bid by Hong Kong-based Baring Asia Private Equity for $4.75.
  3. So_Cynical

    Reverse takeover phenomenon

    Over the last 8 months or so a new trend has emerged, the vast majority of ASX listed resource prospectors are getting hammered with some trading at below 0.01, often raising money to cover listed company compliance costs by issuing shares at 0.002 or less...i would approximate that at least 100...
  4. D

    Takeover announcement but nobody buying?

    What are the/some reasons for this? Cheers, Deriv
  5. V

    Takeover question - please help

    Hi, If I buy shares in a company listed on the NYSE which is 65% owned by another company and eventually the other company decides to buy 100% of the listed company, what happens to my shares/investment? Thanks
  6. R

    BHP/RIO takeover question

    I own BHP and think they will take over RIO. Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't sell my BHP shares then use the money to buy RIO ? At the moment the Ratio is about 2.6 but if BHP take over I'll get 3.4. That being the case I'll have more BHP shares than I do now.
  7. G

    ANZ to takeover Etrade

    Just saw the announcement this am - offering $4.05 - I wonder what this means for Etrade service?
  8. M

    Takeover Targets

    Next Merger or Takeover (your guesses)? Hi we all know about the TOL & PRK takeover, RCD & Allco merger, Mayne Demerger etc etc What are your guesses for future mergers & takeovers? Im thinking ADB & BEN merger? Possible? Any others? Thanks