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  1. fzbkk

    Confused about day trading: can I sell before T+3?

    I am confused about the t+3 rule when buying stocks and selling. If I wanted to day trade, buy and sell a stock the same day what about the t+3 rule? My understanding is I don't yet own the stock so how can I sell it? I am interested in going long not short, if that helps.
  2. M

    T+3 Settlement

    Hi guys, cant do a search for T+3 so no idea if this has been covered, but i was wondering when contracts through Brokers are settled T+3 if i do an intraday trade how does it work? Example: I have $1000 in my account, i buy $2000 of shares at 10:00am, sell them at 2pm for $3000, in 3 days...