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systematic trading

  1. jjbinks

    Systematic Futures Trading

    Hi All, So as some may now my experiment trading US stocks using a trend following system ended last week. I decided the efforts compared to trading ASX did not justify taking it to real trading. I am contemplating looking at developing and trading a futures system but keen to hear what...
  2. A

    Discretionary or Systems trader - which one are you?

    What's your style - how do you roll riding the price action highway?
  3. Chorlton

    Difference in Win % : Short-Term vs. Longer-Term Systematic Trading

    Hello All, It seems a popular belief that if you look at the stats of the majority of profitable short-term systems the Reward:Risk ratios are normally low (1:1, 2:1, etc) whilst the win rate percentages are normally high (70%+ from what I've read). In constrast, profitable longer-term...