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  1. qldfrog

    XAO backtest benchmarks for 2018-2020

    Dear all system builders, I toyed with the idea of having a repository of backtest or even paper/real trading results for various recent periods, to use as a rating/grading tool when developing systems of your own; what to beat, what to aim for or reaching for the sky; Ideally if backtesting...
  2. T

    One Page Yahoo Wonderithm

    I recently made a bet with a family member who happens to be very high up in the big 4. He seems to think that investing takes a huge amount of skill whereas I like to argue that that anyone that can follow a simple model will do fairly well for themselves. After seeing the other posts on this...
  3. R

    Trend Trading VSA

    Gday guys I am a technical trend trader using VSA to find high probability setups. I will be posting tutorials on this thread regularly showing my method and the process I use. I might even post potential setups for London session. I just need to go over the forum rules and make sure I'm...
  4. E

    Help please with SPI trading

    Hello, Im very new to this game and was wondering if any of you fine people had traded SPI Futures (APSPOT) on IB, or somewhere else? I have a simple system in mind that would stop out and then reverse a trade e.g. turn a long into a short after a swing, I cannot find anywhere that mentions...
  5. S

    Designing a System to Trade the XEC - Emerging Companies

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at building a system in Amibroker to trade the emerging companies index on the ASX. I would like to develop a momentum/ breakout strategy and was looking for advice as to which indicators work best together. your experience would be greatly appreciated.
  6. So_Cynical

    The Simple Weekly Income system

    In need of a simple system to take advantage of my talent for stock picking and entry timing, i have decided to paper trade (test) a weekly system using discretionary stock picks and a fixed total investment starting point, and some weekly rules that are not set in stone just yet. The Basics...
  7. G

    Dividends ignored in Simulation Testing of Trading Systems

    Do the usual methods for Simulation Testing of Trading Systems all ignore the contribution of Dividends recieved during the holding period of a stock? OBSERVATION: I am using BullCharts and TradeSim and as far as I can see: a) The usual methods and software for simulation testing on...
  8. N

    System for the casino??? (baccarat)

    ok can someone pick this pathetic system apart, if you can even call it a system.:banghead: One of my mates think you can beat the house at the casino in Baccarat whereby you keep doubling up your losses until the pendulum swings your way and you win a hand. Basically.... the banker...