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system development

  1. W

    Multi system analysis - Amibroker

    I wanted to see how my systems would perform if I were to run them at the same time and see if I would be better off to do so. And I thought I would share this with others as well. First: there is a tutorial here, . Please note...
  2. M

    Approaching system development

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to system trading and I'm struggling along to learn AmiBroker. I've read a smattering of books on system development and remain somewhat uncertain as to the best way to approach this task. In _Trading Systems_ by Tomasini and Jaekle (2009), discussion is given...
  3. markhocky

    Review: Trading Systems (a new approach...) - Jaekle and Tomasini

    Title: Trading Systems - A new approach to system development and portfolio optimisation Authors: Urban Jaekle & Emilio Tomasini Published: Reprinted 2011 (first published 2009) Overview: Trading Systems by Jaekle and Tomasini is a well presented demonstration of how one can go about...
  4. Chorlton

    System Development with Metastock Language

    Hello All, Calling all MS users!!! :eek: I'm currently playing around with the MS language in an attempt to code some ideas which I would like to backtest and possibly trade, depending on results. Two of the MS functions which I am currently looking at are "troughbars" and "peakbars"...