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  1. James Austin

    Swindle or not?

    I came across a "verified" trading account (link) at myfxbook with some interesting stats; +22% av. month and a mere 1.65% drawdown. However, the history is still in its infancy at 5 months. The trading team employs a non-directional (fancy!) forex strategy. And they are inviting investment in...
  2. K

    Vista Capital $40M superannuation swindle

    anyone caught up with this Norwest based con? A Current Affair caught up with him 200+ clients all face 100% loss of personal superannutaion funds ASIC are riight onto it as is the Liquidator expect charges to follow
  3. Kimosabi

    WTF VIDEOS: The Great Oil/Energy Swindles

    Oil is not a Fossil Fuel 200 years of Natural Gas under Alaska Interesting Interview with President of Shell Water Fuel Cells using the excess power from a car to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas which is fed into the Carbie which results in extra power and up to 25% better fuel economy...
  4. wayneL

    Program: The Great Global Warming Swindle

    75 minutes worth... interesting.