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  1. K

    Maxiwealth and Maxilife - superannuation investment, an unlisted property fund

    does anyone have funds in these private funds? I have some moneys in Maxiwealth Prime Preference investment which got into liquidation and the money is meant to be rolled over into Maxilife Fund. I cant get answers on it.
  2. B

    Superannuation query

    I am sure one of the boffins can answer my question. I need to say upfront that I have contacted my super fund, Australian Super, on 3 occasions (phone and email) and the only response I get is referring me to their website. Australian Super uses Crediting rates. My wife's super fund uses Unit...
  3. K

    Get ready for a battle royale over superannuation

    Get ready for a battle royale over superannuation - Thoughts? there were plenty of suggestions in both directions...Unions want super increased to 15% with a fast track for women while Winding down super would boost the economy
  4. bigdog

    Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination

    Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination 1. superannuation benefits are not considered part of your overall estate. 2. Your will is a legally binding document that nominates who should receive what from your estate, but it does not include your superannuation benefits. 3. A valid...
  5. K

    Security of Super Funds

    I heard there was a breach in First State Super a few years ago. If money is stolen from a super account, is there a recourse to get it back? If not, doesn't that mean some funds with better security systems should be preferred?
  6. Bill M

    Balance Transfer Cap - Changing Super Pension Fund

    I am looking at changing my account based super pension fund. How does the balance transfer cap actually work? Do I need to commute the pension into an accumulation fund and then transfer it to the new fund? How will the balance cap be worked out? Lets look at this example. If a pension has a...
  7. Tl9998

    Superannuation for 27 year old

    hello everyone, It has been a long while since I have posted on here (4 years) and I continue to be an avid investor and saver. I have a question. I recently made an either good or bad decision with transferring my inheritance $40,000 into my superannuation fund (now total of $52,300). I have...
  8. A

    Cheapest Fees SMSF platform?

    I am looking for the cheapest fees (including auditing fees) SMSF platform. I am not interested in investment advise. I would like to use Westpac as external broker but I do not want to use the SMSF platform (BT investment) offered by the same bank. Any advise? Thanks!
  9. fiftyeight

    Spaceship Super

    Recently I have been looking in to Spaceship Super. I like the message they are selling re investing in the tech sector and investing for decades not years. Have I bought into the message hard and have been convinced by a slick advertising campaign targeted at people in my age group or does...
  10. Iggy_Pop

    Superannuation and Fund Returns

    I have been following the returns on my long term superannuation fund for a number of years, and I could never get the percentage return to match what was credited to my account. It was always difficult to accurately calculate because of fortnightly contributions but the credited amount was...
  11. L

    Moving to Australia - Need investment advice please

    Hi all, I am moving to Sydney to work with a new employer My salary, for reference and if it makes a difference in my investment strategy, will be $140K p/a excl. super. They'll be contributing 11% to a superannuation fund of my choice (if I stick with their default it will be Colonial First...
  12. goponcho

    Benefits of ETF in SMSF as opposed to Superannuation fund

    Hi, Currently have our superannuation in one the big firms. I have read a little about how the SMSF fund is set up and functions. Rather than paying x% fees with super fund, how does this compare to the costs/effort of running a SMSF with just a couple of ETF's? Looking at buying and...
  13. O

    Super, in the pension phase, some thought on structure?

    Having very recently retired I am now accessing my super as a pension and was thinking about ways to structure it. It's an industry fund (not into smsf) and offers the typical balanced, growth, cash etc options, can invest in a max of two with income derived from one to be taken fortnightly...
  14. A

    Set and forget your super?

    I guess this is a question about timing the market. So what do folk recommend in regard to Super - set and forget your investment options or switch to lower risk options if you sense a downturn up ahead? Any basic clues how a person might predict a downturn? Ps For those interested (and I...
  15. A

    Montgomery Fund for Super?

    I'm thinking of moving my super to the Montgomery Fund ( Any thoughts anyone. They apparently outperformed the market by over 40 % in the three yeas since inception in 2012.
  16. A

    Superannuation in shares

    Wondering how people with an aggressive risk profile would respond if they felt pretty sure that share market was about to go through a prolonged correction? Would you switch to a low risk profile and then switch back to aggressive once the drop has occurred? Also interested in any opinion...
  17. bigdog

    Superannuation pain must extend to politicians Superannuation pain must extend to politicians TOM ELLIOTT Herald Sun April 04, 2015 TO turn a biblical principle on its head, politicians need to do...
  18. B

    Lump sum superannuation payments for retirees could end

    I won't hold my breath for this to happen given the grey vote but we'll see: Australians entering retirement will most likely be stopped from taking their superannuation as a lump sum and will have to access it through a structured self-funded pension, a top Treasury official says...
  19. B

    Superannuation top up or stock market?

    Hi Everyone Thought I would open up an interesting thread on whether people would recommend dumping 10K into my super now or 10K into a stock with a dividend and what the possible advantages/disadvantages would be. Currently im 33 years old with a dismal super balance of $50K. Would Like...
  20. A

    Super and Physical metals

    I've only got about 50k or so in my super, which i manage thru one of the industry funds am up some 20% this year alone dew to some moves i have made.. however i want to pull out my money and invest it on only physical metals. is this possible to do with the amount i have or is it not worth...