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  1. W

    Monthly Momentum - ASX300 Super

    This thread will be for my new monthly momentum system that will be traded on the ASX300 universe within a super account. A few things: This system is based off code bought from Nick Radge. It is, however, not the original parameters and has been modified to suit my needs. It is not a...
  2. matty77

    Putting your Super into a low risk option

    So I have Super with AMP, current investment is what ever the default one was, to be honest never taken much notice as I still have a long working life ahead of me and prefer to put my extra cash into other investments but the market dropping at the moment got me thinking maybe its time to move...
  3. Zaxon

    Vanguard plans to tackle locals in super

    Vanguard plans to tackle locals in super Jonathan Shapiro Jonathan ShapiroSenior Reporter Nov 5, 2019 — 12.00am Share Vanguard, the US funds management giant that disrupted funds management and financial planning when it pioneered low cost index investing, is drawing up plans to manage the...
  4. K

    Security of Super Funds

    I heard there was a breach in First State Super a few years ago. If money is stolen from a super account, is there a recourse to get it back? If not, doesn't that mean some funds with better security systems should be preferred?
  5. Bill M

    Balance Transfer Cap - Changing Super Pension Fund

    I am looking at changing my account based super pension fund. How does the balance transfer cap actually work? Do I need to commute the pension into an accumulation fund and then transfer it to the new fund? How will the balance cap be worked out? Lets look at this example. If a pension has a...
  6. Tl9998

    Superannuation for 27 year old

    hello everyone, It has been a long while since I have posted on here (4 years) and I continue to be an avid investor and saver. I have a question. I recently made an either good or bad decision with transferring my inheritance $40,000 into my superannuation fund (now total of $52,300). I have...
  7. fiftyeight

    Spaceship Super

    Recently I have been looking in to Spaceship Super. I like the message they are selling re investing in the tech sector and investing for decades not years. Have I bought into the message hard and have been convinced by a slick advertising campaign targeted at people in my age group or does...
  8. A

    Best Super allocation for growth potential?

    I am wondering what people think would be the best superannuation investment option (non SMSF) in terms of highest growth potential. International shares? Aggressive? Australian Shares? Appreciate your thoughts and reasons for each.
  9. H

    My super is in fixed interest and is decreasing: any advice?

    My super is all with Colonial First State FirstChoice Fixed Interest Select, Aussie and international fixed interest and it has decreased quite a lot over the past month. Anyone have any idea about why this might have happened? What has happened to fixed interest markets over the past month or...
  10. O

    Super, in the pension phase, some thought on structure?

    Having very recently retired I am now accessing my super as a pension and was thinking about ways to structure it. It's an industry fund (not into smsf) and offers the typical balanced, growth, cash etc options, can invest in a max of two with income derived from one to be taken fortnightly...
  11. A

    Set and forget your super?

    I guess this is a question about timing the market. So what do folk recommend in regard to Super - set and forget your investment options or switch to lower risk options if you sense a downturn up ahead? Any basic clues how a person might predict a downturn? Ps For those interested (and I...
  12. A

    Montgomery Fund for Super?

    I'm thinking of moving my super to the Montgomery Fund ( Any thoughts anyone. They apparently outperformed the market by over 40 % in the three yeas since inception in 2012.
  13. N

    International shares hedged - as part of my super portfolio

    I currently have an Australian super account with a balanced allocation. Noticed in the last three months there has been no returns from either this all the Conservative balanced. In fact most of the conservative offerings by Australian super are stagnant. Probably reflects the general...
  14. L

    Journalist looking for self-funded retiree case study

    I am a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald and I am on the hunt for self-funded retirees in Sydney or Melbourne who are facing a nervous Chrissie period amid market slumps. As the market goes down what will that mean heading into the new year? If you are/you have any...
  15. S

    How to invest your super?

    Is there a way to use one's super to join various automation platforms like Interactive Brokers? Thanks
  16. A

    Super and Physical metals

    I've only got about 50k or so in my super, which i manage thru one of the industry funds am up some 20% this year alone dew to some moves i have made.. however i want to pull out my money and invest it on only physical metals. is this possible to do with the amount i have or is it not worth...
  17. I

    CGT on share sale - sale value into Super

    I am about to start an Account Based pension. I have some industry super to put in and I wish to put some money, currently held in shares, into the initial account balance. I cannot talk to my usual tax accountant as he is on holiday, hence my question here. So, I sell a pile of shares...
  18. J

    Newbie + newsletter services + suitable vehicle for my super

    G'day im 49 years old and have a fair bit of money tied up in Australian shares via BT Super Wrap. I make the buy/sell decisions and don't have an advisor... I did and he was hopeless. My risk profile is a little above middle of the road and my aim is maximize the value of the fund over the next...
  19. H

    Possible to mimic Superannuation investments?

    Im as rookie as it comes but do know our Super returns average 12%. Is there a way we can mimic our super default investments or is that somehow illegal or just impossible without insider trading?
  20. G

    SMSF Super fund lookup

    Hi, I'm in the process of rolling over my Super into my SMSF. I have an ACN, ABN, TNF and all documents ready to go. I have also recieved a letter from the ABR with ABN and super details. Problem is, my current superfunds will not roll over my funds into my SMSF as the superfund lookup...