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  1. T

    Share suggestions to diversify my $30K NAB share portfolio

    I have current have 33k in NAB shares I have earned from employment bonuses over the years. I am quite happy with those and plan to keep them but I wanted to diversify is something other than financial institutions I was looking to put another 10k in fully franked dividend Australia shares and...
  2. K

    Suggestions for Podcasts

    Hi, Background I've recently become interested in managing my financials and this includes thinking about investing in shares. I intend on keeping up to date with the market and learning more and more about share trading in general but as I am fairly conservative, I intend on purchasing shares...
  3. G

    Complete system (broker/charting software/data) suggestions

    Hi everybody, I would like to trade stocks online and there are so many choices available. To do what I want I belive I need the following: broker charting software for technical analyses data feed I would like to save money and not spend much (at least in the beginning)...
  4. D

    Year 11 Economics assignment suggestions wanted

    Hi all, My son has an upcoming assignment in Eco which is basically to compare and contrast two blue chip companies in the same sector: explain the industry, analyse the recent share price action based on fundamentals and evaluate which of the two would be better to add to a long-term...
  5. Joe Blow

    Give me your suggestions, complaints and feedback!

    Hi Everyone! It's astonishing how fast ASF is growing. Lately even I've been finding it difficult keeping up with all the threads and posts, especially as I juggle running this site with my day job. It occurred to me today that even though I feel things are going okay that feeling might not...
  6. Joe Blow

    Suggestion Box

    If you have a suggestion please post them here! Is there a feature you would like to see added? Is there something that would make Aussie Stock Forums better? Is there something about Aussie Stock Forums that annoys you? I'm open to suggestion. After all, I want to make this site into a...
  7. Joe Blow

    Please feel free to make suggestions!

    I want this board to be a place that serves the needs of its members. Please don't hesitate to make suggestions on how to make Aussie Stock Forums a better and more enjoyable place for all! Thanks!