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  1. RobertoHood

    95% ASX100 success rate

    Hello, Over the past 4 years i have been working to develop a system that can predict weekly moves tracking all companies listed in the ASX100. I have refined this now to the point where i get on average an accuracy rate of 95.65% With percentage gains averaging 1.62% per company per...
  2. WilkensOne

    Owning a business required for success?

    This has been on my mind for the last fews months, information I have seen about successful individuals from people around me, celebrities and ASF members the consensus to me seems to be the same. To really become wealthy and lead the life you would like, it would seem the requirement is...
  3. Tradesurfer

    A better way to judge trading success? Develop a trading handicap index

    For anyone who is an avid golfer you have probably entered your scores and use a service to give you your handicap index. For those who don't golf, essentially a way to index your golf scores taking into account how tough the courses are etc etc. With trading quite often I'm asked what % I...
  4. IFocus

    Path to Success

    Charlie Rose: A Conversation with Malcolm Galdwell about what the ingredients are for success