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  1. qprjames

    Which ETF? IOZ vs. STW vs. VAS

    Not quite sure if I have put this thread is in the right place? I'm looking at buying into an ETF. I really just want to track the asx200. I'm not sure whether I should select IOZ or STW or VAS? I understand there is little difference between the 3. They all follow the asx200, have very...
  2. CNHTractor

    SelfWealth Trading

    Has anyone experience with SelfWealth They are offering flat $9.50 brokerage
  3. So_Cynical

    STW - SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Fund ETF

    STW – SPDR ASX 200 Fund – Index tracking fund. Company Summary Security type: EXCHANGE TRADED FUND UNITS (7) Market Cap: 949,725,630 Issued Shares: 30,350,351 First listed: 27 Aug 2001 52-wk High: 58.4700 52-wk Low: 30.8700 Div Yield: 10% + (approx) Full & interim dividends partly franked...
  4. H

    STW CFD vs. Index Options

    Hi all Macquarie has just introduced this: "STW.ASX has been added to the list of CFDs available to provide investors with exposure to the StreetTracks S&P/ASX 200 exchange traded fund (ETF). The fund aims to track the S&P/ASX 200 index by investing in the securities comprising the S&P/ASX...