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  1. R

    How long does it take you to study an individual business?

    So there are 2 components in successful value investing. Finding quality businesses and finding out their intrinsic value then buying the stock which is alot lower than its true value. How much time do you spend on each would you say? This investor on youtube said takes about 1000 hours to get...
  2. M

    Need help! Deciding what to study to become a trader!

    Hey guys, I’m a university student, studying Finance. I’ve decided that I want to become a trader, not sure about which type (stocks/commodities/forex etc). BEFORE, someone makes a smart comment about “Trading can only be learnt by trading or on-the-job” or “Just open an account and...
  3. G

    10 year total shareholder return - any studies?

    Do you think it would be useful to study the total return to shareholders over a period of 10 years - data taken from Commsec (Morningstar) - basically look back at what information was available 10 years ago and what companies would you have bought, and what would have been your 10 year return...
  4. T

    Low PE Portfolio Performance Study

    A few months ago I created an watchlist for myself of all the companies I could find that exhibited some qualities I was looking for. These qualities where: *Must be currently making a profit *Must have a PE below 12, or have a 12 month projected PE below 10 that can be reasonably...
  5. wayneL

    Left wingers are mutants - study

    OK OK forgive my slightly pejorative extrapolation. :D:D:D But it seems that a gene is responsible for left wing thought, which neatly ties in with my "the impossibility of objective thought from left wingers" thesis...
  6. tech/a

    What is the study of technical analysis?

    A question I'll pose and one I feel most miss. Is it? (1) The study of the relationship between Time and Price? (2) Is it the combination of Oscillators and indicators that confirm price.? (3) Is it the combining of all the above into a methodolgy that returns a positive expectancy? Is...