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  1. D

    Banking internship/experience

    I'm currently a 2nd year Business student at RMIT- Melbourne. I look to have a career in trading once I graduate (preferably trading equities), however, I desperately seek any kind of experience during my semester summer break 2015/16, any kind of experience with banking. Any advice or...
  2. levin123

    A Very Confused Student

    Hey Guys, I'm a student from NZ and I've been teaching myself about the markets etc for about 18 months when I've had the time. I would say that I'm pretty clued up about how the markets operate and about trading strategies etc. What I want to ask though is where/what trading...
  3. krisbarry

    Student expelled for lesbian parents

    Student expelled for lesbian parents From correspondents in Los Angeles 24sep05 A TEENAGE girl has been expelled from a US Christian school after officials discovered her parents were lesbians whose lifestyle did not live up to church standards, the school said Friday. The14-year-old...