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  1. W

    Opinions on my beginning strategy

    Hi all, I'm about to start dabbling in shares, particularly ETFs from Vanguard. I am completely new to this and haven't held shares before but I have read a little bit, with that in mind please excuse my ignorance on things and please correct me if I misunderstand some things. I'm at a stage in...
  2. A

    DCA Strategy Question

    Hi All, Brand new to the forum and relatively new to trading. Loving the info I'm reading and learning. I have a question regarding dollar cost averaging without a lump sum, that I hope I can get advice on. I have around $1000 a month to invest. I realise if I had a lump sum, it is better...
  3. F

    Stock Chart Help

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if there is any way to apply a tool over different charts to see what the outcome would have been, example I buy ASX200 & OBX25 everytime it drops one percent from its highest and close it when it reaches that one percent, I continue to do this upto 10% using...
  4. C

    Strategy Help Please

    Hey all, I am new to both this forum and investing in general, and one of the things I have been looking at are options. For a few of the stocks I have looked into, I've noticed that there have been Call options where the exercise price has been sufficiently lower than the Put option...
  5. W

    GUI with many functionalities for IB Gateway/TWS

    Hello All, I have coded up a VB.NET GUI interface using IB's C# API that connects to IB Gateway/TWS. I have tried to include as many functionalities/features as possible. Currently, I need some feedback on what people think of the GUI interface and if someone wants to contribute to this...
  6. K

    Simple Momentum Strategy

    Hi everyone, I've designed a simple momentum strategy by eyeballing through different charts on Amibroker. It works well in trending stocks. I use 3 ema's - 3,6,18. For buy - ema3>ema6>ema18 and vice versa for sell for buy signal there should be a green candle over 3ema and close of...
  7. C

    Uptrending $US cash - best strategy?

    hi all, new here. already like this place after browsing for a few minutes :) a quick question to ask but not 100% if this is the right sub-forum to post. was about to post it in "forex" but realized my question has nothing to do with forex trading so decided to just post it here. If...
  8. S

    Designing a System to Trade the XEC - Emerging Companies

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at building a system in Amibroker to trade the emerging companies index on the ASX. I would like to develop a momentum/ breakout strategy and was looking for advice as to which indicators work best together. your experience would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Steve C

    Can anyone recommend an appropriate strategy to get my feet wet?

    Hi all, I have spent the last year reading and learning all I can about the market. I am lucky enough that my current role allows me to keep up to date in regard to commodities, mining and resources. In particular I have taken a liking to Nick Radge's momentum trading material. I have a...
  10. D

    Amibroker: Problem simulating a portfolio of strategies

    Dear All, I am trying to simulate a portfolio of strategies in Amibroker. I have 4 strategies, which I run and then save their EQUITY curves by using the following code at the end of each script SetCustomBacktestProc(""); if( Status("action") == actionPortfolio ) { bo =...
  11. S

    XJO quant ORB strategy

    Hi guys, I found this interesting blog which I didn't know existed until today. They share backtest results and ideas for a lot of strategies on the XJO. One I found particularly interesting (since we have discussed it here previously) was a page on an Open Range Breakout strategy. The twist...
  12. N

    Forward testing

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to ASF so forgive me if this has already been discussed (I have searched). I've used amibroker to backtest a trading strategy and it appears to have had a good run however I was wondering, is there code in amibroker to simulate a live trading situation... Like a...
  13. Wealth Creator

    What about online... Corporate Affiliation...

    I am curious as to the feedback I would receive about online corporate affiliate packages as a short and long term wealth generation strategy..
  14. noirua

    Collapse followed by strategy

    Following on from the "waffling at Random blog". After losing virtually everything after the 1987 stock market crash, I stayed long enough to put my affairs in order. Then I left, and only returned to Australia on four occasions in the 20 years that followed. Having worked away on three other...
  15. T

    Market volatility - strategy?

    Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie with derivatives. Don't think I will be good enough to attempt to trade them any time soon. But just always interesting to learn more about them... Just wondering... Given the volatility of the current market, would most derivative traders be looking at a...