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  1. mattfromsydney

    Semi-Automated EAs with Configuration on Web Platform

    I've built myself a semi-automated web platform that connects to different strategies in MT4 that will broadcasts the trade signals to the web platform, as well as potential signals that may happen on the next bar, then allows you to take or pass on the trade via the web platform on a computer...
  2. B

    Finding stocks and strategies

    Did some searching around the forum about how people discover their stocks to invest in and most of the posts on the topic were pre-2010 so thought i'd ask again, how do you guys go about finding the companies before you apply your strategies, do you just go through the asx stock list and start...
  3. Gringotts Bank

    Winning Rock Paper Scissors strategies Implications for trading.
  4. goponcho

    Strategies to profit from Chinese economic slump?

    Hi, What are some broad strategies to benefit from the marked decline in Chinese economy? With a long term value mindset. How is this achievable with AUDs without having to predict exchange rates? Thanks,
  5. pavilion103

    Identifying the beginning of a market downturn and strategies for profiting from this

    I have been reading the various opinions in the XAO thread and other international threads in regards to what we can expect on the road ahead of us. I feel this is quite a relevant topic to address a little more specifically. The opinions are varied: some believe a small correction is...
  6. J

    Beginner's Option Trading System

    I'm a novice equities trader and am learning options. I'm familiar with Technical Analysis and am curious about the recommended options strategies for newbies, so I bought an educational boardgame from Trading Pursuits. The strategy seems pretty ok. It recommends that all of the following...