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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    When China invades Taiwan: Where to Stocks and Bonds?

    I was running some scenarios with the yardman from the hotel last night and the small matter of Wolf Diplomacy by the Chinese cousins came up. I believe the CCP recently enjoined their hapless Ambassador in Canberra to front a movie worthy of a sixpenny seat in the stalls in the 1950's. From the...
  2. Dominover

    Day Trading Options in Australia?

    I have some specific questions about day trading Option contracts on Australian companies. Wondering if anyone could answer the questions below. Does anyone actually buy and sell options to profit from the change in Option premium value (in and out in 1 day) ? If the option was bought 'in the...
  3. K

    London Stock Exchange Auctions - Impact of market orders?

    Hi all. Does anyone know how market orders are treated in LSE open/close auctions? Specifically: During the pre-auction call period, limit orders are incorporated into the order book following the 4 auction principles of maximum volume, minimum surplus, market pressure and reference price. The...
  4. Dominover

    How do you trade pre-market on ASX?

    What does it mean to trade the pre-market in stocks on the ASX? I"m not sure how this is done. Before the market opens, the chart doesn't move at all and I"m assuming the orders being input can't be seen either. I know there's a 20 minute window either side of open and close where you can...
  5. Dominover

    Trading Platforms in Australia (observation)!

    I'm specifically referring to trading platforms in Australia here. I'm also not naming any providers as I'm willing to believe they could potentially improve if given the chance. What I've found when looking through stock trading platforms provided by Australian Firms is that even for the...
  6. Dominover

    Tradingview - (Anyone subscribe to this?)

    I was considering using the Pro Version of Tradingview for technical analysis of stocks I want to buy intraday? Has anyone used it for this? I really like the tools on this platform but I want to be sure that I can get the trade Volume to show on the pro platform should I subscribe to it...
  7. A

    Starting Our Network

    Hello! I'm a 21 year old recent uni graduate in Economics and Finance. I've recently started trading again and would really like to build up my network in the stock trading world. In the past ive seen great returns but I'm fully aware of my limitations. Knoweledge and disciussion is the key to...
  8. Dominover

    Finding Low Float Stocks in Australia?

    Can anyone tell me how to find what would be considered low float stocks in Australia. I'm assuming a stock screener would do it but which one? Low float stocks are those with a relatively small number of shares available for trading and thus tend to be volatile (and can be great for day...
  9. S

    Shortlist stocks

    Hi all, I am new to share market and trying to learn. Read many posts here and learnt a lot. THANKS. Just have a question which still I am not clear on it (for long-term investment) How should I screen the companies and short-list them? How do you guys do it? Do you start with a specific...
  10. T

    SODE - Social Detention Inc./Bitplaza

    Hey everyone I want to share a interesting stock with you guys. The stock ticker is SODE and it trades on the American stock exchange. The company recently acquired a stake in Bitplaza Inc, a global bitcoin shopping marketplace. The Bitplaza shopping platform is already launched and generating...
  11. Userman

    RVR - Rift Valley Resources Corp. (CSE)

    RVR.CSE - Ruralink Begins Construction of its First Wireless Network
  12. S

    Books & Magazines for sale: over 10 years of TA of Stocks and Commodities

    Not sure if this is the right place to start, I am selling some trading books and over 10 years of past Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. The books are: 1. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Van Tharp 2. Market Wizards, Schwager 3. New Market Wizards, Schwager 4. Trading for a...
  13. T

    Risk Management for Stocks

    I like to hold positions overnight, I need to know what causes large moves in stocks, I have traded futures/fx just no stocks. Normally I just look at the economic calendar to see if there are any big releases that move the market. For individual stocks, what info do I need to look out for?
  14. Userman

    GYA - Guyana Goldstrike Inc (TSX-V)

    New Gold Producer Launches Corporate Website, Guyana Goldstrike Inc.
  15. Userman

    TAC.V - TASCA Resources

    $TAC.V - TASCA Resources - Trades up 12 % with 3M volume #copper #drilling #Canada #gold
  16. Userman

    BBT - Benchmark Botanics Inc (CNSX)

    $BBT.C Benchmark Botanics is a diversified multi-licensed cannabis producer focused on its three-way vertical business model, with sales and distribution into the medical, pharmaceutical, and recreational markets in Canada, and the EU. The Company’s business plan includes a strategy to become...
  17. K

    Cyclical Nature of Stocks

    Hi, Something which has been on my mind of late is how certain stocks perform in certain environments. Obviously these are not hard and fast rules however there are some consistencies. When I refer to cycles I'm referring to two major types: 1. Monthly / Seasonality 2. High Interest Rate...
  18. Cam019

    Buffetts Books - Learning Resource for Value Investors

    Buffetts Books I have found this to be a great learning resource over the last couple of years and as far as I am aware, it is yet to be posted to ASF. The website is all things Warren Buffett; from recommended books, podcasts, IV, DCF and bond calculators, to the 35 video investment course...
  19. P

    Stock Screener

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time posting. Apologies if this has been asked before, jus twanted to see if there was a screenign service that i use for ASX stocks? free or even cheap at least?
  20. B

    Finding stocks and strategies

    Did some searching around the forum about how people discover their stocks to invest in and most of the posts on the topic were pre-2010 so thought i'd ask again, how do you guys go about finding the companies before you apply your strategies, do you just go through the asx stock list and start...