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    Never invested before, have a quick question

    Hey guys, first time on these forums, first time investing too, amateur when it comes to stocks etc. So my quick question is, I know that Company X (publically listed) whos shares are around 0.5$ a share are about to be bought by company Y or Z, whos shares are around $2500 and $300...
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    wsDKII's Stocks to Watch - Then Buy During the Next ASX Crash

    Hi guys, I want this thread to be ASX limited so no international tickers please - that can be in another post :) Basically, there is an increasingly large number of indicators pointing towards the next market correction occurring within the next 24 months. I don't want to discuss IF the...
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    Australian stocks to watch

    BHP Billiton (ASX:BHP) is one of the most widely held stocks in Australia and is often a core holding in many stock portfolios. Over the last few years the stock have reflected the fortunes of the commodities boom and as a result the BHP stock price saw a peak last year of over $45 only to come...