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  1. R

    Need tips for ASX Stock Game: hoping to win :D

    Hi I'm fairly new to this the ASX Stock Game (School) is coming up I need some times so i can try to get that top prize Haven't ever invested in anything so any tips would be nice thanks :)
  2. K

    Stock Tips

    Hey everyone. I've just tried my hand at FOREX trading for about the sixth time and done my account. I think its time to try stocks instead. I don't have time to research all the companies so was after a good blog, website, etc... that could provide some good buy and sell tips?
  3. S

    Tipping Competition for Full CY 2015

    Hi all, An acquaintance of mine who works in the industry, every year has a little comp with a friend of his. They pick like, 4 or 5 stocks for the year and have a little bet between them. I just realised that as it's not quite New Year's yet...there's still a chance to have a friendly /...
  4. muzzza64

    Day Trader meeting point

    Howdy traders, I had a business idea to have a shared meeting point for day traders to get together to help move markets and share in stock tips. Together as a group we should be able to have some wins. Get nice coffee:drink: and bond together as trader, I'm sure there are some stories to...
  5. T

    Stock Trading Websites - Would They Work Here?

    I've been surfing around and I found a few exciting stock trading websites for overseas markets but none like them in Australia. What do you guys think about these ideas? Do you think they would work in Australia? Finding and sharing stock tips with everyone...
  6. pepperoni

    20k to invest - anyone got a red hot stock tip?

    Ater a sensible short term gain (10% ... more would be nice) I dont mind a bit of risk. A friend has told me to look at the S&P Midcap Index and find a stock that is more than 30% below its 52 week high but at least 10% above its 52 week low. How does that sound??
  7. J

    Tips today?

    Does anyone have any good tips today? - simple, but effective