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  1. 1

    Stock Screeners

    G'day, I have been on the hunt for a reasonably priced stock screener for fundamental analysis. I have tried most of the free ones which are largely disappointing, I have also searched this forum and tried many suggestions without luck. I am looking for a screener which screens the ASX...
  2. EVarakova

    Stock Screener

    Hi Guys/Gals I am looking for a stock screener where I can add values and it will show/mail me a report of stocks on the ASX, can I get some recommendations of what people use please. I have run through some of the old posts and they all seem to list old/outdated products. Thanks in advance E
  3. P

    Stock Screener

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time posting. Apologies if this has been asked before, jus twanted to see if there was a screenign service that i use for ASX stocks? free or even cheap at least?
  4. A

    ASX stock screener recommendations

    Im looking for a stock screener mainly to screen Bollinger bands. stock scan isn't operating anymore manage your trades wont download for me wont let me sign in I don't know if im just an not getting it or if all these website are just duds I don't want to spend hundreds of...
  5. S

    Alan Hull - "Invest My Way" Stock Screener

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has read the Alan Hull Book "Invest My Way" ( ? I have just designed a fully programmable Microsoft Access database that uses free public data (Technical and Fundamental) so you can see which stocks...
  6. S

    Stock Screener for ASX

    For those of you who likes to search stocks based on technical indicators, check out this free app on android There are many indicator search functionalities included in the app such as MACD, moving...
  7. C

    Commsec stock screener not working with Internet Explorer 11

    Hi all, Anyone using internet explorer 11 with comsec's stock screener? Work ok? I'm having trouble. I'm using the default ie browser settings. The list of screened stocks does not update when I change my search filter criteria, be it a custom screen or a predefined screen. I also...
  8. S

    Google Finance Stock Screener no longer works?

    I want to check ASX markets it only shows two words Market Summary and blank
  9. W

    ASXIQ stock screener

    Hi all, has anyone tried the free ASXIQ stock screener? what do you think of it. It seems to have lots of technical and fundamental screens. I have only tried the fundamental scan. I can't seem to get the same results using the predefined Piotroski screener. Anyone else found this?
  10. J

    Free site for ASX stock screener?

    Much appreciated in advance for the link of free site that cover stock screener in Australia. Like the most active + new 52 weeks high/low + crossover 13/50 MA and so on. I couldn't find so far in search engine the site that cover free information for stock screener in Australia. Thanks:)