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    Does Chi-X Australia stock quotes include ASX?

    I am a customer of Interactive Brokers. I would like to have access to real-time bid/ask price/volume of Australian stocks. IBKR offers Chi-X L1 stock quotes at AUD7.5 per month. I don't see any ASX L1 stock quotes available. Anyone knows if Chi-X stock quotes include stocks on ASX?
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    Real-time snapshot of Australian stock quotes

    Is there a website that offers a real-time snapshot of bid-ask price/volume of Australian stock quotes? It does not need to be streaming real-time. Just a snapshot will do. I am ok with paying but the price should not be >AUD7.5 per month. Free will be best, of course.
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    Cheapest Dynamic Live ASX Stock Quotes

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience in getting dynamic stock data? Best ones and cheapest ones would be much appreciated? Been looking for a while now.