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  1. B

    XJO calculation vs. individual stock prices

    I'm trying to understand the calculation of the XJO compared to the individual stock prices it represents. (I realise it is weighted by market capitalisation) XJO rarely gaps up or down overnight, but the individual stocks do gap a lot. Once these stock gap down, it takes a long time...
  2. W

    How does a stock price actually go up or down?

    So i am new to trading stocks and iv been trying to understand it fully, and so based on my research i see people using all these tools and indicators which are ultimately different ways of looking at the buy/sell transactions and movement of price. So then traders both buyers and sellers are...
  3. Init

    Estimating stock price increase for long position

    Hi guys, Lately I have been doing some calcs in terms of risk minimising a long position on potential breakouts. I know how to set my loss % value fairly easily and that makes sense. The part I don't quite get yet is where to set my projected price if it goes up. Undoubtedly there is a whole...
  4. G

    Stock price determination by public?

    I think we can all agree that stock prices are determined by supply and demand for that stock. It's from this notion that stems my question, and I wanted to make sure I was right. This would mean that a company's stock price is solely determined by what the public THINKS those companies assets...
  5. nev25

    What makes a stock price rise in value?

    Complete newbie question I have asked similar questions on other forums with a reply go read a book and stop being a pest I can only assume they did not know So here goes What makes stock price rise in value I know people buy them and assume bit more than they are worth So my...