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  1. aus_trader

    Medium/Longer Term Stock Portfolio

    G'day all, I have been participating in a few of the forums here (and in other forums) and wanted to post my own stock portfolio for a while. Although I've had good success with few of my stocks in the past, will start this portfolio fresh for all to see. I find that fellow forum members can...
  2. CORAL

    Rate Stock Portfolio - New to Stocks

    I'm new to stocks and have some cash I want to invest. I setup a test portfolio with 10 different companies I have in-depth knowledge of through my type of work and experience that I trust. They are all Overseas stocks (US, EU) some will stand out as obvious ones like (Google, Facebook, Apple &...
  3. P

    Anyone use Smart Portfolio online stock portfolio website?

    Hi there, Anyone used Smart Portfolio's online stock portfolio management? I would be interested in getting some feedback. I like the fact that it gives you an automatic email summary of the status of your portfolio.