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  1. Dominover

    Stock picking for day trading?

    I have to admit, I struggle with stock picking for day trading. I just feel that there must be a systematic approach to this. Looking for something for the Australian stock market. I'm just adking if there's a book or a course for this area I can pursue? Thanks
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Stock Picking Using A Dart

    As I hope I have shown these two long days in to this trading month the use of a dart is as good as any way of entering a stock. My good friend from the Bush years, Don Rumsfeld wisely said apropos of our knowledge. One need look no further than the ASF July 2020 Competition to see the...
  3. So_Cynical

    Videos - Economics, Finance, Stock Picking and Analysis

    A Thread where all ASF contributors can post finance, economics and stock related videos. I watch a few every week and figured it would be a good idea to have a thread where we could collect the best of them, build a resource. I'll kick this of with a great video by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater...
  4. Frankieplus

    Any good stock picking services I can follow?

    Hi everyone, I recently subscribed to The Chartist and have to say I love the service. Its what I've been looking for for quite some time. Thank you Nick if you are reading this. I work on weekends only now so I have all week free and I'm looking for more of similar service that they...
  5. Darc Knight

    Picking Stocks versus timing the Market

    Let me just say first of all that I respect the talent you guys show in analyzing and picking Stocks. But, wouldn't it be easier to just use Index funds and time individual (index fund) markets? Oh, I'm not saying timing the Market is easy, just easier than picking Stocks. Thanks.
  6. D

    Fundamental Analysis - The process of stock picking

    I guess I haven't been clear when i made a post previously about the challenges and obstacles in stock investing. Basically I like to find out if others have come across any challenges, obstacles or frustration during the process of stock picking. That is from finding & screening...
  7. R

    How to outperform stock indexes long term (guru stock picking)

    Dear investors, What do you think about ETFs that replicate holdings of the best US hedge fund managers with a fraction of hedge fund's cost? They tend to outperform SP500 in long term: ALFA It has protection against stock market collapse by hedging portfolio during bear markets...
  8. TPI

    High conviction long-term stock picks

    Hi, Does anyone currently have any high conviction long-term stock picks where you have allocated say as much as 20-30%+ of your overall portfolio to a single stock, with the expectation of it eventually being multi-bagger? Or have you done so in the past with success or failure? I...
  9. A

    Picking the right mining stock

    What does everyone think of Sundance Resources (ASX code: SDL)? Its primary focus being a substantial copper project in Bolivia, South America. I always find it hard picking the next successful mineral stock? Any tips?