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  1. daytradeprofit

    What happened to the stock exchange when inflation rose above 3%?

    As you probably know those tracks, I basically used to analyze the technical point markets, But this time, I will also try to give emphasis, number of warning signs that appear in markets from the economic side, and not only technical I wrote a post earlier this year and last year I raised the...
  2. R

    Privatisation of the government stake in Bulgarian Stock Exchange

    You are welcome to buy it. Press release by BSE-Sofia Privatisation of the government stake in Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia and Central Depository AD Today, March 15, 2012, Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia received the following information: The Ministry of Finance, in the latter’s...
  3. T

    New Penny Stock Exchange in Newcastle?

    Hey forum-ites, I head a little while ago that a new Penny stock exchange opened up in Newcastle. Does anyone have any info on it? Googling didn't come up with much, but I'd love to know more. :confused:
  4. N

    Newcastle stock exchange

    On ASF we tend to talk only of companies listed on the ASX. There is a Newcastle stock exchange that operates for the benefit of the smaller and developing companies. Anyone with any experience dealing with them?