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  1. sptrawler

    Dodgy stock brokers

    Stockbrokers going under, would be a worry for some investors, hope none on the forum were caught.
  2. E

    Multiple stock brokers

    I have an account with Bell direct which I actively trade with. I am thinking of opening an additional account with commsec as well. From what I am reading online, it looks like I can do this (please correct me if wrong). I don't believe that I will trade through them (Bell direct is cheaper)...
  3. C

    Which stock broker to use?

    Hey Im pretty newbe in the stock marketing area. I have a trading account with nab, but I found out that their stockbrokering fees are pretty expensive. Which one do you advice me to use? Also, lets say I have a bank account with nab. Will I still be able to use commsec for trading? Will...
  4. M

    Stock Brokers List

    Stock brokers List I’ve done some search in this forum in regards of the stock brokers which is providing online services. So far i realised that people is talking only about E*trade, Commsec, and Dragon. So I’ve decided to take a cruise around the Internet and find some brokers who is a bit...
  5. salz

    Stock Brokers

    There are so many stockbrokers in Australia, may I know which brokerage house's services are you guys using? Which is the best in terms of competitive charges and features? Are Patersons good?