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  1. S

    Finding a stock broker/brokerage website

    Title says it all really, I'm about to start investing on ASX and can't decide between different brokers. I don't want to pay a premium on brokerage that offer advice as i already have my share investments planned but at the same time i don't know it all, currently i'm leading towards Commsec...
  2. B

    Advice on a stock broker, anyone?

    Okay I'm looking to open up as stockbroking accounts. What I'm looking for is... A) my money to be held in a reputable bank B) low brokerage fees (somewhere around $10-$20 per trade) C) no ongoing account keeping fees/charges D) access to (free/cheap) 3rd party charting/live data/20...
  3. T

    Stock broker work experience?

    I am a second year finance student and I was wondering if it is difficult to get some sought of stock broking work experience? As I have always been curious into how to get into that particular field? Would also like to know how to actually get into market as I can't find out that much...
  4. F

    Stock Broker Company Analysis/Projections - How often are they right?

    So stockbrokers often do analysis of companies. I know they are probably a little bias towards the buy side. But how often are they right? I only ask this because i want to buy a particular stock and i just read a glowing report on it from shaw stockbroking. So i just wanted to see what...
  5. C

    Which stock broker to use?

    Hey Im pretty newbe in the stock marketing area. I have a trading account with nab, but I found out that their stockbrokering fees are pretty expensive. Which one do you advice me to use? Also, lets say I have a bank account with nab. Will I still be able to use commsec for trading? Will...
  6. mime

    Becoming a stock broker?

    Is it difficult to become a stock broker?