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    Is there a tool for assessing carbon exposure of stocks and indexes?

    I want an easy tool to assess climate exposure (fossil fuels etc) of the assets (individual stocks and ETFs) in my portfolio. I want to remove as much carbon exposure as I can to remove the risk of ending up with worthless stranded assets in my portfolio. Any ideas where I can easily find this...
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    My first stock analysis (ASX:MGX)

    Hi all! Just want to run this one past you. I've been studying stock valuation and analysis vigorously for about a week or two and have started to apply some of the things I've learned to come up with my first stock analysis. I've picked the company Mount Gibson Iron Ltd. (MGX), because...
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    Forex Mentor

    Howdy Forex Traders, I'm a newbie to Forex.:) Am currently in demo mode with a broker (won't mention their name for fear of being flamed). The information available on the internet with regards to FOREX is very overwhelming. I am sincerely looking for a forex mentor, and/or guidance from...