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  1. bigdog

    Where will all the money come from to fund the stimulus?

    Where will all the money come from to fund the stimulus? Was the money sitting there all along? Who will we have to repay when this is all over? And will we ever get the...
  2. frugal.rock

    Everything Stimulus 2020 related

    Hopefully we can have the one thread for the stimulus discussion...? Was pleased to hear about the latest wave of stimulus package announced by the PM yesterday. In particular, the unsecured loans of up to $250k pricked up my ears... I didn't hear any specifics on this, but am guessing it will...
  3. C

    China Accelerates Stimulus: 1 Trillion Yuan Lent in June 2012

    Hey Guys The Chinese are accelerating their stimulus measures with bank lending set to almost double this month to a massive 1Trillion Yuan or $160Billion. You would expect continued additional stimulus measures to be announced in the months ahead! We need to remember that the ASX...
  4. M

    Stimulus Boom, and where to next?

    Yet again, world markets appear to be riding the back of another boom, the stimulus boom. With most major governments around the world pouring trillions of borrowed money into economies and creating yet another high growth bubble. What will the bailout package for this artificial bubble be, or...