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  1. Smalltimeguy

    Feedback (and direction) for starting out small (ETF)

    Hi all, With so much books, official websites and forums with advice on how to start trading, rather than be a burden and ask step by step how to trade, I'd simply like to have ya'll with experience check my current line of thoughts before I continue on and invest more time getting deep into...
  2. M

    Futures: starting out from the beginning

    Hi all, I want to be able to trade something where I can go long or short with ease. Thinking of mini SPI futures. Have traded equities and ETOS before but found Options rubbery. I seem to think that futures is "cleaner" and more efficient. But what do I know. From reading here broker...
  3. CanOz

    Great blog for those starting out in technical analysis

    Check out Adams blog and podcasts for a very practical learning experience from a very talented individual.....
  4. M

    How to be motivated when starting up!

    :banghead: After reading through Forex forums, Forex101 and lots of tutorials and materials on technicality and fundamentals. Here i am ready to sign up a demo account on my chosen broker. But there still a voice inside my head that telling me that i am going to fail, my fear gets bigger and...
  5. S

    Which broker for starting out?

    Hi guys, Orignally i had 2k to play with but i might make it worth my while and put in 10k. Currently a student wanting to learn the stock market. I just don't know which online broker to go with. Commsec seems good as i can get up to $600 of free trades to begin with. CMC markets $10 trades...
  6. R

    Starting in stocks with $500

    Ok Guy's... i was going to post $200, but i thought 'heck' you cant do much with $200? So ammended it to $500.00 If you had $500 to invest (and most people could 'scrounge' $500 together) How would you enter the market and trade? And why? What 'strategy' would you have to build your funds...