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  1. galumay

    SRG - SRG Global

    I cant see a thread for GCS so I have opened one, I have been following and researching GCS for about 6 months and finally took a position today at 67c, i have an IV range for it of 80c-$1 and I think its pretty compelling buying below 70c. The company has reduced its debt to insignificant...
  2. N

    SRG - Sydney Roads Group

    Breakout today. Im liking the depth - instos and big boys buying, little guys selling:
  3. L

    SRG - SRG Limited

    I reckon STS is a pretty sound buy at the moment. Really glowing fundamentals with a return to profitability this year, and great outlook. Rose to a high of $2.54 in 1997, before a double top saw it collapse dramatically to a low of just 30c in mid 2003. However a really nice accumulation...