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    Portfolio Software or Spreadsheets For Managing CommSec Trades

    Hi All I currently trade via comsec and currently download the Confirmations via csv into a 'home made' spreadsheet that requires some additional manual work to calculate trade P/L, running P/L etc. My short term system generates a lot of trades and it can be time consuming. Im looking for a...
  2. S

    Free spreadsheets

    Hi, Thought I would throw up some recent spreadsheets I made in the process of my normal researching. Usually before I turn an idea into a proper program I try to make a spreadsheet first to understand it better. Now I am posting this stuff just in the spirit of sharing, none of the below...
  3. tech/a

    Technical Trading Exercise (Pavilion103 and tech/a) Charts and Spreadsheets

    Ive noticed that over the years most who want to profit from Trading or Investing in Stocks dont actually know how to apply the vast number of analysis options available to them into a profitable trading Plan / Method. Endless theories/ideas/hypothesis and constant changing from one idea...
  4. L

    Investment portfolio spreadsheets

    I am having real trouble organizing a spreadshet to track my portfolio in order to link the profit/loss and end amont to my business portfolio to give a reflection fo the worth of my total assets. I have used the link profided in another thread to the Capital Gains template offered by MS...