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  1. L

    Spreadsheet for tracking trades

    Hi all, Just getting started in share market and trying to determine best way to track it all (especially for tax purposes) Is there a basic spreadsheet available online available? and how do you all normally track if you buy some shares at 1 price and then down the track buy at another...
  2. J

    Help with TWR calculation

    Hi, I've got a table with one of my portfolio's in it. It's a simple one with just 3 ETF's in it. I'd like to track the TWR for each ETF, per year and an aggregate of all, per year, and an aggregate of all of all time. I've got this setup, unsure if correctly. The individual TWR for each...
  3. A

    Program for calculating profit from stocks

    Hi Folks I am after a program, website, spreadsheet that takes the price of a stock, the fees and costs associated with the purchase of the shares, then the sale of the shares and includes the taxes that must be paid resulting in the minimum share price at which the shares must be sold to...
  4. A

    Trade Tracking Spreadsheet

    Another Project I've been working on is a Trade Tracking Spreadsheet. Probably more suited to EOD to Medium term traders. This ones a little bit different from others posted on the forum as I have designed it from an Accounting/Tax point of view, but I have added a currency exchange rate for...
  5. D

    ASX Ranked By Trend Spreadsheet

    Hi All The link below points to a spread sheet that I prepared today All the columns can be sorted using the Excel sorting and grouping tools. The little buttons at the top of each column allow you to sort ascending or descending or limit the list to display only a set that matches the...
  6. WillyWonka

    Full ASX Excel Spreadsheet

    Hello, I am new to the stock market game and I was looking around for a spread sheet that contained all 2150 ASX listed companies with detailed updateable information. After a long internet search I was unable to find what I was looking for so I set about make my own. There is 1001 web...
  7. D

    Website with Excel spreadsheet that lists detailed ASX data?

    I was wondering if there was a site where you could download a free excel spreadsheet that lists detailed data about all the asx stocks (e.g. Aspect Earnings Model data, P/E Growth Ratio, P/S Ratio, P/B ratio etc)?
  8. W

    Live feed for Excel spreadsheet?

    I am new here, and this is my first post. I did search and could find nothing, and hope that this is in the correct forum. I am wanting to get a live feed for the latest traded price (20 minute delay is acceptable) in a cell in an excel spreadsheet. Is this possible? If so, how do I do...