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  1. R

    Possible meaning of super large Volume and no spread after market close

    Hello, Just after some possible reasons why this would occur on a chart. I assume most people believe volume is a crucial part of analysing a chart but this is too weird and wanted to know if it's important or not. 1 - Super high volume (40 times larger than avg with a total volume of 4.7M) 2 -...
  2. Zaxon

    Buy/Sell Spread for Shares

    You do all your research - share XYZ is the perfect share for you to buy right now! You check its liquidity, only to find it has an average buy/sell spread of 8%. OK, next! You pay the spread twice: once when buying, and again when selling. Let's assume you're holding this stock between 3...
  3. D

    Low Volume with Wide Spread - How?

    What happens in the market so that you see a really low trading volume on any given day, with a really wide spread on a move up? Does this mean that in terms of order matching, only a small order was placed but the the next available offer was significantly above the previous price? (thin...
  4. G

    The spread

    Hi guys, I have been studying the stock market and its processes for about 18 months and it all seems logical and straightforward except for one seemingly basic thing -the spread. As far as i have ascertained when one trader (A) sells his shares to trader (B) for lets say $10 then that is what B...
  5. T

    Why is IG Markets AUD/NZD spread 19.2?

    Woke up today to see my AUD/NZD IG Markets spread at 19.2. Is this normal
  6. D

    Metatrader broker for indexes?

    hi traders 1-any body knows brokers with normal and low spread on metatrader?? like germany DAX and crude oil gold with 1 or 2 tick spread? 2-any body knows brokers under 1 pip on metatrader for forex?? thanks
  7. Sharkman

    Rolling on expiry day - thoughts?

    to use a real life example (please advise if this isn't allowed and i'll edit) - my view on QBE (i could be wrong, form your own opinion first before you trade it!) is that it is likely to break to the upside of $16 in the coming months due to its US exposure and assisted by a deteriorating...
  8. C

    Noob: ASX Future spreads & CFD liquidity

    Hello all, 1. Are there future spreads listed for XPJ / XJO / XFL futures, the same way as for SPI200 futures, and if yes what would the Bloomberg tickers be? 2. Is there any liquidity at all in CFD contracts mentioned on the ASX website, and if yes how can I find them in Bloomberg...