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  1. Mickymouse

    Buying in after SPP completion

    Howdy, Buying ordinary shares in a company after spp is completed meaning after the company has issued a spp and the shares have been allocated to their holders does this generally mean the share price will go down ? Sure! whoever participated in the spp will start selling and take profit but...
  2. youngone

    Share Purchase Plans (SPP)?

    Hi guys. What is SPP in simple terms for us beginners. is that a good thing? How does it work and how can we use it to our advantage. (Nokia used SPP strategy along other method to push himself from $1500 to $3000 in 8 months.) Thanks
  3. I

    Share Purchase Plans

    Hi all, I'm a shareholder in ARG and MLT and like many other listed companies, they offer shareholders the opportunity to invest up to $5,000 p.a. via the SPP at a discount to market price. My question is this: when these stocks are trading at a discount to their NTA, the SPP price is...