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  1. O

    Omega's $50 sport betting challenge and tips

    Hi there This thread is for my sports betting tips and challange, To turn $50 into $1000 on sports betting I did some work on the presidential election... long story short I was rushing last night to get my analysis on election winner and states but missed the boat... only...
  2. S

    Which is easier to make money: poker, sports betting, stock market?

    how do you rate them (1,----10), 10 is easiest. 1 is the hardest. :)
  3. Gringotts Bank

    Sports Bets

    I like Boston +1.5 vs San Antonio in the NBA. Got it at $1.70 In play now. End of the third quarter. Post your bets from any sport, Aus or international. Looking for some value on the cricket. No way Aus can win now. Clarke looked so nervous. Hopefully he can get some confidence...