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  1. Tisme

    Sport, Social Agendas and Politics

    We recently witnessed the AFL and NRL involve itself in an issue that is a socially contentious one. The USA had it's protest that hasn't worked out too well either:
  2. System

    CAT - Catapult Group International

    Catapult Group International is a leading global sports analytics company that uses proprietary technology to provide elite sporting organisations and athletes with detailed, real time data and analytics to monitor and measure athletes' fitness and skill levels; responses to specific training...
  3. Garpal Gumnut

    Ban Elite Sport: Return To Local Paddock

    I was already heartily sick and tired of over muscled and selectively skilled sporting neanderthals being afforded so much adulation in Australia, prior to the not unexpected revelations of doping. I would propose a banning of all competitive sport at a national and state level. A return...
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Sports Bets

    I like Boston +1.5 vs San Antonio in the NBA. Got it at $1.70 In play now. End of the third quarter. Post your bets from any sport, Aus or international. Looking for some value on the cricket. No way Aus can win now. Clarke looked so nervous. Hopefully he can get some confidence...
  5. 2020hindsight

    Better technology for sport?

    Should there be more decisions for the Third Umpire in cricket? footy etc? Cricket LBW's? Footy offside? forward passes? (I'm probably thinking rugby here - but stand to be corrected or educated about the aerial pingpong game) Soccer offside? Soccer dives? :( We'd have beaten the Iti's...