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  1. C

    SPI historic data with bar replay function

    Hi all, I'm an experienced trader, but only in the US market. I want to backtest a discretionary day trading strategy on the SPI 200 futures through various market conditions. However, I'm finding it difficult to get both the historic intraday data and the platform that will allow me to...
  2. Mr Bear

    Mr Bear’s Daily SPI Trades

    Will start posting live trades from tomorrow. 11am ish each day. Last night I opened long at 6190 in sycom closing at 6216 today so I have no open positions. Weekly trend - UP Daily trend - UP Intraday trend - Remains UP
  3. jackrab

    Interactive Brokers funds sweep/margin issues

    I've been having issues with the excess funds sweep and been getting margin notices for the past 2 months in my SPI futures trading with Interactive Brokers. How I understand it.... stocks are held in the Securities Segment, while futures are traded in the Commodities Segment (for ES, SPI, etc...
  4. E

    SPI pre-open auction

    Anyone aware of a change in the pre-open auction procedure on the SPI 200 futures contract? The pre-open auction settlement previously occurred at 9:49:30 but this has disappeared from my IB data feed from the beginning of last week. I have not been able to find any info on the ASX website and...
  5. Quant

    Trading XJO/SPI/AUS200

    A place for anything useful for trading the index . Will start with basic seasonality chart , this is 10 years worth
  6. TortoiseTrader

    Trading the SPI - day trading development journal

    This journal will be a pictorial, and technical discussion of my Trades. But in particular my rational explanations of how I analyse The market to justify taking a trade. It will also act as a journal Of my losers and winners - and my notes concerning those aspects such as rules followed...
  7. C

    S&P/ASX 200 SPI APXU Yahoo data and actual data differences

    Hi, If it's not much to ask could somebody email me 2 and a half months of data for the spi 200 APZU as far as I know also known as ASX/SP200, AP ASX200 and Yahoo has it as ^AXJO and google INDEXAXJO. I am confused! The data I need needs to be the 24 hours in csv txt format or Ninja...
  8. E

    Help please with SPI trading

    Hello, Im very new to this game and was wondering if any of you fine people had traded SPI Futures (APSPOT) on IB, or somewhere else? I have a simple system in mind that would stop out and then reverse a trade e.g. turn a long into a short after a swing, I cannot find anywhere that mentions...
  9. Bronte

    Trading The SPI (Open)

    It is often quoted that the SPI is "Opened by amateurs, closed by professionals" My intention is to use this thread as a place for preopen SPI discussion. Any / all market calls will be made before the SPI opens. 09:49:30 A maximum Stoploss of eight points will be used, at all times. Only...
  10. R

    SPI Futures minute data vendor suppliers

    Looking for reliable data vendors that supply historical minute data (willing to pay) for SPI futures. As much historical data as first released by the exchange. Interfacing with TradeStation a bonus but not a requirement. -thanks, Ryan
  11. D

    Best place to get long term charts for the SPI and to trade the SPI?

    I am wanting long term charts for the SPI. Anyone know a good place to get free charts? Also which companies trade the SPI allowing mico accounts? thanks for your help. cheers
  12. C

    SPI nooby questions

    Hi all, I've been circling the SPI futures contract now for around a month. Signed up to IB and I"m just putting down the final calculations when I hit a few concerns. Now from my understanding the inital margin in roughly $6000 ATM. So if I entered into 3 contracts (initial 18k) and...
  13. C

    Ninja/CQG/AMP with the SPI

    Hi, I've just started day trading the SPI using Ninjatrader, CQG for data and AMP Futures [Chicago] as the broker. I'm using the ATM feature in Ninja, and manually trail my stops using the chart trader as the price moves. When my stop was hit I got the error - Rejected: New - Invalid...
  14. cudderbean

    Looking for a website that "charts" the SPI, DJIA , FTSE Futures

    Does anyone know of a site that "charts" the Aussie, US and other FUTURES markets. 20 min delayed no problem. At the moment I'm using this Bloomberg site. Not bad but a chart would be give me a better picture Thank you for your help.
  15. B

    What's happening to the SPI?

    Was just wondering whether anybody has any insights on what's happening to the SPI. It just looks as if the market structure has changed a lot recently. There is hardly any flow let alone any intraday volatility left. Either somebody big has left the field or some pricing advantage is chocking...
  16. J

    SPI 200 Charts

    Dear fellow members; Where can I get charts on SPI 200 End of Day? Previously would show them, but they change their website and it is no longer available. I would appreciate your advice. Julito40
  17. Trader Girl

    Day Trading Futures

    Today is the first day I'm trading live on the Spi 200. I would like to share my trades with interested traders. It will hopefully help me to become a better trader and allow others to share and we may learn something along the way.
  18. N

    SPI charts with Channels

    As per discussions. Channels print as soon as new time period is entered. 1st chart is todays action so far Next is 29/12/09
  19. M

    Day Trading the SPI for a living

    I am trading the SPI and would like to hear from other traders how they approach the SPI.Attached is mytrading charts daily buys and sells.I would like to talk to traders before and during the trading day and there views of themarkets.I would like to chat on skype i have a cam we can chat...
  20. A

    SPI Historical Intraday Data

    I’m considering trading the SPI futures, but before I join up with IB or other broker, I’d like to have a play with some historical data in Amibroker. Can anyone here help me out with that, or know where I’d be able to get this data from?