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spi futures

  1. E

    Help please with SPI trading

    Hello, Im very new to this game and was wondering if any of you fine people had traded SPI Futures (APSPOT) on IB, or somewhere else? I have a simple system in mind that would stop out and then reverse a trade e.g. turn a long into a short after a swing, I cannot find anywhere that mentions...
  2. R

    SPI Futures minute data vendor suppliers

    Looking for reliable data vendors that supply historical minute data (willing to pay) for SPI futures. As much historical data as first released by the exchange. Interfacing with TradeStation a bonus but not a requirement. -thanks, Ryan
  3. cudderbean

    Looking for a website that "charts" the SPI, DJIA , FTSE Futures

    Does anyone know of a site that "charts" the Aussie, US and other FUTURES markets. 20 min delayed no problem. At the moment I'm using this Bloomberg site. Not bad but a chart would be give me a better picture Thank you for your help.