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  1. aus_trader

    Speculative Stock Portfolio

    I buy a few speculative stocks every now and then with money I can afford to lose, so smallest parcels of around $500 each per stock. '...with money I can afford to lose' is very misleading as it sound like I have excess that I don't know what to do with ! Quite the opposite is true, I am an...
  2. S

    What happened with the spec stocks today?

    Hi all, Looking for some insights as to why the lower speculative end of the market pulled back today (for my portfolio at least). I trade a breakout system and getting many signals (especially for resources) over the last few days. For some reason today, they all went south. I notice this...
  3. Gringotts Bank

    Speccy diary

    Paper trading. Using Mark Douglas' method for discretionary trading (my interpretation of it). NWH .19 PLP .019 AGO .023 88EO .026 PML .085 PTX .115 RDM .07
  4. Gringotts Bank

    ASX speccy scalp diary

    - Another trading diary whilst I wait for a new account to set up. - Constructive input welcome. - sub 10c stocks. - Not real money. - Buying momentum and turnover only. - Will explore holding time - scalp vs close position EOD vs holding into the next day - Will ensure there's enough volume to...
  5. T

    Spec stocks

    What books and / or other resources can you recommend one regarding investing in spec stocks? Thank you
  6. springhill

    Micro cap specs

    What is the market appetite for them? What catalyst would see micro caps come back into favour? Are you holding any? What is their status? Are you watching any with intent to buy? Does an event like SIR yesterday whet your appetite for higher risk and that elusive multi-multi-bagger? If you...
  7. M

    Scanning for Mid-Cap & Speculative Shares

    What programs/tools are the best to scan for activity in Mid-Cap and Speculative shares? Do they allow me to specifically look for mining companies?