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  1. S

    Too good to be true

    I have been offered shares in acompany called **** ****** with some fantastic returns promissed.To good to be true or the deal of a lifetime?Any input from you guys would be appreciated. Cheers Stefan
  2. Joe Blow

    ASF policy on forum spam

    Spam has become a big problem at Aussie Stock Forums. As ASF has grown, the amount of individuals wishing to spam their products, services or websites on the forums has increased markedly. ASF relies entirely on advertising revenue to cover its costs, which continue to increase along with...
  3. Joe Blow

    Stock market email spam

    As you can imagine, my main email address gets this (usually U.S. based) stuff on a daily basis. I'm sure many of you are similarly the recipients of excessively over enthusiastic emails filled with promises of staggering returns. Usually I just delete them without even reading the contents. But...