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  1. W

    GICS codes for S&P500

    Hi there! Can somebody please point me in the right direction for a listing of current GICS classification codes for stocks in the S&P500 index? I'm after the codes, not the descriptors. Thanks. wmorton
  2. H

    S&P500 - Important Levels to Watch

    IMPORTANT LEVELS TO WATCH A sideway action, which looks unfavorable for bulls, so far, is hovering just below a major resistance zone. We don’t know yet if this pattern will turns to be a Head-and-Shoulders topping reversal pattern, but if so, it will...
  3. RichKid

    S&P500 - Analysis and Trading

    I'm surprised we haven't got an S&P 500 thread here already, hope I didn't miss it. Thought I'd kick it off. Will post some charts and info soon.