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  1. W

    JSE All Share Index (^J203)

    Hi, Can somebody point me to where I can find the current constituent list of the JSE All-Share index (Johannesburg) ? I found this site: However the site says the listing is dated 2019 so no doubt...
  2. J

    Buying shares in South Africa

    new to share trading and wanting to know how to go about buying shares in a South African company. looked and looked and looked on google but nothing I could understand. how is it done?
  3. basilio

    Aussie - South Africa First Test

    Well you wouldn't believe it. South Africa all out for 96 in their first innings. Australia replies with all out for 47 in their 2nd innings. Just gives SA a sniff of a chance to win. My spin ? Maybe both sides have been knobbled ?? Have a few drinks and consider the situation of a...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    South African Migrants

    I was watching Gail Kelly on ABC tonight and was taken by her ability and vision. I know a few South Africans who have migrated to Australia. They seem like hard working folk, honest, hard working, and keen to get ahead. Earlier this year I had a forced sojourn in RSA for 6 weeks and...