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solar energy

  1. springhill

    Do you have solar panels?

    Hi all, I have built a new house and am looking to get solar panels installed on the roof. Have done some research on companies and their products, but would be interested in others experiences and opinions. Have you, or would you consider getting them installed? Have you used a...
  2. S

    Solar Stocks are very hot at the moment

    The Solar Energy Stocks on the Nasdaq are running hot since 2005. Most have doubled. The below links give a good overview of their performance. YTD Charts % movement Charts in 2007...
  3. C

    GOE - Go Energy Group

    I see SES is listed in this months MONEY magazines penny hopefuls (pg 27) Do you still have any holdings stefan? It is always reasuring when so called experts agree with thoughts one already has. Any comments welcome, speculative stocks provide the most fun IMHO. Admin note: Solco...