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  1. G

    Employers putting software on mobile phones (monitoring, privacy concerns)

    What do people think about employers putting software on our phones. forgot the name, some Microsoft product. for a job (requested during interview )'s work at home Could they take pics of my face? look at my search history, photos, open up my note files, see what i'm doing? it's a...
  2. Roller_1

    RealTest - Portfolio Level backtesting software

    RealTest is a new portfolio level backtesting tool that has been developed by Market Wizard Marsten Parker. His website can be found here RealTest ( There is plenty of info on the site about it features and some tips and tricks, plus a few youtube clips (He's doing more soon)...
  3. M

    Portfolio Software or Spreadsheets For Managing CommSec Trades

    Hi All I currently trade via comsec and currently download the Confirmations via csv into a 'home made' spreadsheet that requires some additional manual work to calculate trade P/L, running P/L etc. My short term system generates a lot of trades and it can be time consuming. Im looking for a...
  4. Dominover

    Trading Platforms in Australia (observation)!

    I'm specifically referring to trading platforms in Australia here. I'm also not naming any providers as I'm willing to believe they could potentially improve if given the chance. What I've found when looking through stock trading platforms provided by Australian Firms is that even for the...
  5. Dominover

    Beginning Day trading - Software/Trading interface?

    This is a question I'm sure has been asked in the past somewhere but I'm specifically looking for something related to the Australian market that is up-to-date. I want to start day trading, but I'm not sure what kind of charting software to get. For intraday trading, should I be only using the...
  6. M

    Confused about when you need an AFSL

    Hi all. In a general sense, would you need an AFSL for any of the following? Creating an automated (Forex) trading system which is only used by myself (with the source code privately hosted on GitHub). I will only be trading my own money. Creating my own journalling software which is only used...
  7. M

    Best online stock trading software for non day traders

    Hi All, I'm new to Aussie Stock Forums and look forward to joining into conversations. I would really appreciate thoughts from the Forum on a really good online stock trading software for non day traders. Seems there are lots of software focused on day traders but I'm really looking for software...
  8. G

    Software and Data Available in 2019

    Hi All, I have been reading all of the information posted about software and data. The problem is, is that most of the information is very old. Can I please get some help on whats happening today. I would like data that is :- Clean, Historical, Share prices (obviously) plus the standards volume...
  9. L

    Looking to find advice on new software

    Hi, I have been researching trading in the last 6 months, by reading books, listening to podcasts and keeping up to date with the markets. I know that I have a long, long, long way to go before I can start trading properly yet and I am not under any illusions. But I have been paper trading on...
  10. N

    Trade Ideas Scanner Software

    Hi, Does anyone use Trades Ideas scanner software from Australia? Could you share the experience regarding the network latency involved of using it from Australia?
  11. M

    Global Markets Dashboard

    What do people use to keep on top of various markets and individual stocks? Is there one dashboard to rule them all? Something that covers all global stock markets, currencies, indexes, commodities etc. Marketwatch is ok but it's really cluttered and has poor user experience flow especially...
  12. D

    Trading (charting) software/programs?

    I'm trying to choose some charting software but don't know where to start. I'm aware of some of the free options like Incredible Charts, Big Charts, and Yahoo Finance, but they are all limited in some way.. The online options provide live data (delayed to some extent) but not many indicators...
  13. J

    ABS - Market Analyser software

    Hi all! Has anybody know anything about ABS Market Analyser software ( They contacted me claiming their software can produce on average of 18% per month returns. They of course require a substantial cost for the software. I tried to do some research on the software but...
  14. A

    Technical analysis software

    I'm more of FA type of investor for the mid to long term. I'm interested in combining this with a bit of TA so I can better time my entries and exits. My problem is limited time. By way of accelerating my learning in this area I was wondering is there any software out there (free or paid) that...
  15. System

    ELO - ELMO Software

    ELMO is a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-based talent management software solutions in Australia and New Zealand. The Company develops, sells and implements talent management sofware solutons that enable organisatons to automate many of the HR processes and functions to...
  16. G

    Trading Software

    Morning all, Being inexperienced newbie, I would like input from everyone on Trading Software. Is a software system totally needed Do most software have the same qualities. Does all software come with on going fees Can the software be purchased by itself. Pro's and Cons of Expensive vs Cheaper...
  17. P

    Look ahead TA Software

    Hi, I am looking for a TA program which allows the following: Interfacing to 3rd party dll's. Extending technical indicators into the future.
  18. Joe Blow

    ASF migration to new software platform Q&A

    Good afternoon everyone. I thought I'd start this thread in advance of ASF migrating to a new software platform next month. The migration is tentatively scheduled for either Friday, 9 December or Friday, 16 December. I usually do these kind of large scale changes on a Friday evening as it...
  19. B

    Thoughts on ADVFN's Level 2 Software

    I've just got Level 2 access for the ASX on ADVFN's website . They seem to be a big hit in the UK but pretty new to Australia. Have anyone else looked at their products? Any reviews, good or bad?
  20. Userman

    REW - Rewardstream Solutions Inc. (TSX.V)

    $REW.V RewardStream Launches Referral Marketing System for E-Commerce Company