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  1. basilio

    Effect of Hugh Hefner on 20th Century society

    I saw a documentary on Hugh Hefner produced in 2010. It was a good reminder on the Amercian world on the 1950's and the changes that have occured since. Many people would argue that Hefs Playboy magazine was a driver of many changes in social and sexual mores from the 50's to the 70's.
  2. Gringotts Bank

    Rate of change & volatility (society)

    Rate of change is accelerating - have you noticed? Volatility too. In all aspects of life. Especially noticeable in politics, the medias, public mores/attitudes/expectations, the workplace, building and infrastructure. Nothing is considered stable. Things that used to rotate every...
  3. Julia

    Is an Equal Society a Realistic Aspiration?

    There have recently been a number of references to the growing inequality of wealth in Australia. I don't think anyone disputes this. Most of us, however, like to think of Australia as a land (amongst many) with great equality of opportunity: eg if you're prepared to think something through...