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    SMSF Set Up

    Hi, I have searched the forums, however many posts are quite old and I feel there may be new details and offerings to consider. I have been researching setting up an SMSF for myself and my wife to consolidate our funds, I am looking at a turn key solution, the main contenders at this stage...
  2. bigdog

    What happens to your SMSF when you die AFR article November 13 2019 Here are the steps you need to take to ensure the wrong person doesn't end up with your super and your rightful beneficiaries stay out of court. Colin Lewis...
  3. S

    Labor's proposed franking credit changes All explained. It's not just a retiree tax. 8.1 million people will lose franking credit cash refunds. People under $37k 10.500,000 Less exempt pensioners -3,500,000 583,000 SMSF Accumulation mode 583,000 517,000 SMSF...
  4. P

    SMSF Portfolio Manager

    I have a SMSF and running it in retirement phase...meaning I do not pay any income or capital gains taxes. All the portfolio manager's I have looked at all seem to favour the income/capital gains tax accounting layouts, with aged sales throughout the financial years. I do not need any of the...
  5. O

    SMSF TTR Approaches

    Hello forum, I have only just joined today after accidentally finding the site. My questions are: Would anyone like to describe their approach to their SMSF stock portfolio when they rolled over into a Transition To Retirement or Full Pension state? What sort of stocks did you remove and what...
  6. M

    ETFs in SMSF

    Hi Team, I have recently settled a Property transaction within my SMSF...leaving me with approx $400k in the SMSF Savings account. I have a query re the mechanics of my next investment strategy. I am comfortable I have some good real estate investments outside my Super, so would now like to...
  7. bigdog

    SMSF Changes July 2018 - TBAR Reporting Requirements Pension Accounting

    TRANSFER BALANCE ACCOUNT REPORT (TBAR) EFFECTIVE JULY 1 2018 On Friday I was advised of new TBAR reporting requirements for SMSF in pension phase -- the pollies make things hard!! There is a 46 slide presentation link below...
  8. So_Cynical

    SWF - SelfWealth Limited

    Floated in late 2017 at 20c per share and has traded under that price ever since, the % growth in revenue and clients is somewhat spectacular however they need it to be even more spectacular as they burn over a million dollars per quarter and only have 5 million in the bank. SelfWealth has the...
  9. A

    Cheapest Fees SMSF platform?

    I am looking for the cheapest fees (including auditing fees) SMSF platform. I am not interested in investment advise. I would like to use Westpac as external broker but I do not want to use the SMSF platform (BT investment) offered by the same bank. Any advise? Thanks!
  10. I

    Purchasing a Commercial Property (We Currently Own) With Our SMSF

    Hello All, Hoping someone can answer my query or point me in the right direction - still a bit unclear around the legality and process I need to follow. My wife and I have a SMSF (we are both between 50 and 55 years old). We also jointly own an income-deriving commercial property. We would...
  11. M

    SMSF Accountant/Treatment of Futures in Tax

    Hello 2 separate topics but some how related 1) I m searching for an budget ( under $1000 including audit) SMSF accountant for a small SMSF, I know there are few around but many of them restrict what broker you use! I need somebody who will allow Interactive Brokers, Also the accountant need...
  12. Garpal Gumnut

    SMSF Long Term ASX Stocks Using Charting

    Is anyone interested in discussing LT investment in ASX Stocks? Using TA. It's been very good for my SMSF though hairy/scary at times which is good.
  13. goponcho

    Benefits of ETF in SMSF as opposed to Superannuation fund

    Hi, Currently have our superannuation in one the big firms. I have read a little about how the SMSF fund is set up and functions. Rather than paying x% fees with super fund, how does this compare to the costs/effort of running a SMSF with just a couple of ETF's? Looking at buying and...
  14. L

    ETF only SMSF portfolio advice

    Hi all I've set up my SMSF so it only holds a bunch of ETFs. At the moment I am holding DJRE (REIT) GDX (Vaneck Gold miners) VAF (Australian Fixed income) VAP (Australian REIT) VAS (Australian equities) VEU (All world ex-US equities) VHY (Australian high yield dividend equities)...
  15. weird2

    Looking for Life Insurance in SMSF

    Hi, can anyone please suggest a company/website where I can find an online quote for Life insurance specifically where I state it is within my SMSF? Thanks. Cheers.
  16. D

    USA CGT on SMSF investment in shares/ETFs

    Hi, from my research it appears that if my SMSF invests in USA shares / ETFs then the tax treatment is: dividends: USA imposes Withholding tax of 15% on the dividend. This can then be used as a foreign tax credit against tax payable in Australia. If SMSF is in pension mode, it is lost...
  17. B

    SMSF for trading stocks

    If you trade many stocks eg. daytrading via a SMSF, does the Audit fees become completely ridiculous because they will need to audit each trade? I believe auditors charge you depending on how many transactions your SMSF does.
  18. M

    Can I buy a computer for my SMSF?

    Hi Everyone, I run my own SMSF and have multiple PC's for home and work(kids) but want a unique setup for our fund. Has anyone done this before? I know software and training courses are an acceptable expense, but a pc seems grey unless you can prove a 100% use for the fund. What other...
  19. M

    Best instrument to take advantage of oil price in SMSF

    Hi Everyone, Just curious as to what the best instrument within an SMSF would be to take advantage of low oil prices with the view that they will return to the $80 mark long term? Any thoughts?
  20. bigdog

    Self Managed Super Funds Savings Accounts

    I set up a uBank USaver SMSF with Bonus Rate account in April 2011 and was getting 6.31% interest for deposits (not fixed term) Today the rate has been reduced to 3.11% or 3.51% with SMSF Bonus Rate currently 0.40% p.a. if there are no withdrawals for the month. UBank SMSF rates are still...